“Again I am compared”

The thing in this world, the utmost thing, again the same word comparing I heard from someone whom I can’t neglect my mother. From childhood everyone from our family compares me with so, so people, thinking I am the utmost bad creation in this world. They say during birth I was misplaced in hospital with different child, I am clicking pictures with girls and updating it in Face book; I am the worse creation with all fucking bad habits inbuilt on me. Like I am a Trojan Virus, which destroys everything when it gets contact with anything. Why they compare, well if I am doing something defiantly it will be something good not bad why can’t you understand mother? I am not that old one, I have been modified, learned and seen the world bitterness more clearly through my binocular specs. It’s harsh, worst, every field you get betrayal, another person is always ready to fuck you at any time at any moment in your job profile as competition is so high, no mercy for no one & no security of life. What to do, how to do, how to make you people understand what I am and what I want in life. I won’t make you unhappy mother just the simply words which I say to everyone try to understand me; I am not so bad mother. I love you and I promise I will make you happy, don’t hear what the fucking world says, listen and understand and show them your ideas, give dam to the society as they don’t feed us. Mother if you can look after yourself for 7 years alone, then why you think about this dam society as they just know how to fuck, they can’t give helping hands & if they do also they want something in return and that’s called money. There is nothing called humanity left, all selfish natured people left with sweet talks but multiple nature, duplicity in talks, selfish behavior, buttering skill.

I have failed in every aspect to make you all understand and definitely I have become a failure at last, nothing left in my hand except the sands.


“Am I losing my Patience?”

Well got a job left it on the 2nd day, all worse things happening, argument with boss, no understanding & all messed up. Life was going in a proper way and again it changed its way of motion and took me somewhere else. I am not the best of all but still I am trying to be, am I failing myself or I am achieving the goal day by day? Multiple of question but with little suggestion, it’s so complicate to understand about this damn world and still I am unable to beat them in my words. I am writing day and night as many as much as I can; writing my thoughts, my suggestion, my understanding, my source of strength but it goes all in vain as me not so high as you are. Can see the sky, can stare the stars but can’t catch it as I fear to take a flight. Its worse, it’s simply worse, I am defiantly losing my patience

No job, no money, no proper handset and it’s been almost 3 months and I am still jobless, have given almost 15 interviews somewhere I was selected but no good package and somewhere I was not and the main thing is that in these 3 months I have written almost 10 articles. Well it’s the best what I can do instead of staying empty-headed coz. when there is nothing to do all bad ideas prevail to your head and which I don’t want.

Well Christmas and New Year is coming and I got 0 bucks in my pocket and lots of plan and ideas to celebrate it but how..? Writing so much about so many things but do anyone read it, I guess no one. No time for no one as all busy in their own fucking business and I’m just a job less. Just gaining everyday strength to fight and to understand people’s nature of thinking day by day. I might be wrong as my perception of seeing might be different, I might be too much practical about my life and ask everyone to be the same, I am the defaulter or I am not. Guess what I don’t know. Confusion’s are their but need to talk for a longer period to sort it out. Need more and more get together to know each other for a better future. Well its dam correct that you are the source code of my articles as you inspire me in every sector, every field, so that I can be better and do it, but am I capable of, am I having the strength to make it, am I lacking behind and can see all going with a nitro speed.

Yea it’s true as it’s hard to find job in own hometown, where you know if you don’t have any link or any sort of knowing you won’t get any job and if you get also you won’t get a good package. “Oh God show me the path so that I can meet it and make my destiny and show the world that I am too also good in my business.”



“Politician or Corruption is the correct name”

We speak about our future we stick to the world and think and say big words about changing world. We ask to vote me, vote me, we will do what you want but do they really mean it or they just speak to get our trust. We blindly believe them and do according to them. There were many politicians who did and who didn’t do for our country, but still we run for them. I am a common man like everyone; just the simple thing is I think different then you.

“Atal Bihari Vajpayee (born 25 December 1924) is an Indian statesman who was the eleventh Prime Minister of India, first for 13 days in 1996 and then from 1998 to 2004. A leader of the centre-right Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), he is the first Prime Minister from outside the Indian National Congress party to serve a full five-year term”. I was a child when he was the Prime Minister of India, well its looks cool when he was and lots of changes in the field of villages were on process and unfortunately we can say at that time Kargil War too started.

“But now days there we can say lots of things happening as our new Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has taken the steps to make clean India”. Well it’s something good but some error are still there like if we can take the visit of our  Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Assam, “for the time being as he is here everything is being processed to be cool, safe, properly, neat & clean; but what will happen when he will left Assam, well everyone knows same dirtiness prevails again. Why I am saying coz. as I have seen it and it’s going on like a procedure, we stop buses every moving vehicles as someone very important is arriving but do they realize how those people will return from office at night as they belong to middle class and they don’t have any vehicles of their own. It happens every moment when they arrive or other local minister’s visits those local roads. I have seen it; I have faced it, but still no solutions for it,

We can count in India how many “Holly Gods”, are there but in the case of Politician we can’t as they are many and day another day a new politician arises from everywhere, it is a business or job for them instead of serving for the “Mother India”. Well we encourage our upcoming generation to join politics that’s good, but if they who will develop India in the sector of education, technology, transportation, sports coz. all will be in politics then. I hate politics coz. all are good when they entered the field but certain time arises and they get involved in corruption only few politicians are left how they are when they entered. In election time we become mad our generations or the upcoming one, we shout to vote for them, we fight for them, we destroy our own future, go to jails for them, but do they recognize you after their winning. It’s a regular practice which is going on and I am seeing it from my childhood till present and I believe you all people to know it what’s going on what will be our future if we process in the same way. I want to see India a better, better in every place like we compare with everything, we should try to compare with growth, education, technology, transportation, sports etc. with other nations and be the best to make it good in every corners. These are the simplest questions and I believe if you all ask you your own self you will get the answer what we have to do and what’s best for you.

narendra_modi_image_with_quote_wallpapers Mahatma Gandhi Independence Day Wallpaper Indian-Politician-Narendra-Modi-Gujarat-Growth-Victory-Sign-CM-Wallpapers-e1400302580919 Indian-Political-Narendra-Modi-After-Win-Relax-and-Smiling-face-Full-Hd-Wallpapers-e1400221505682 funny-fancy-dress Funny-Indian-Politician-pictures

“Love Life or Sentenced to Death, it’s my path to hell”

“Why we compare them with others, we stick to them and want to with them forever but do they understand it, we try to understand our love ones from every corner and try to make them come over it but do they try for you, we fight for our love, we say why you stare to others when I am with you, why we can’t understand or trust or have faith on him/her, why we desperately want to meet her/him but they don’t understand us, why we hear all allegations from them and still love them like hell till we exist, why?” Well these are the question which comes to my mind when I am alone and think what they say is I am that  or I am something else what I know about myself. I guess and most often I am correct about the situation, I try to make them alert about the horrible atmosphere they are sticking to and guide them the path of security, so am I doing something wrong? I know I am guilty and for my sins I am paying till yet and I will. I believe in my words and I prove it by doing it that’s why I am in my hometown, I am as simply as I speak and I am not so complicated.

People say, “I play smart, I am having attitude problem, I am an egoistic person, I am crazy for girls, but before saying that do they know me properly or they not”. Yes, I did some blunder mistakes which make you say so but is it really what I am or you don’t know me? Why they say that after sex we will forget them completely, is life made them so to understand for everyone or some are different? I loved you and I will always as I believe my soul is with you and I can’t forget you. I betrayed you I agreed but I came back for you also leaving everything and now I am here and I will be with you forever till I exist.

“I am the architect of my own destruction”, and I know that pretty well coz. after doing all good deeds still I am the defaulter in every sector. I just can say I am a, “Fucking Jedi a” and I believe in myself and seen the world more clearly through my binocular specs. You can’t make me wrong when I know I have not done anything bad. Just my sins are there as a barrier which puts me in a wrong position every time. But I thing honey I am saying to you I loved you and I am now back for you till I exist, u believe or not I don’t know, but whenever u turn beside you will always find me. “Love you honey”.

love is in the air

“Brain Wonders – The Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence (DMIT) Theory”

“We decide our own future or our parents do”, we want to be something our dreams from childhood till we are mature enough to do so, but do we meet it or our parents kill it by their ideas; put their dreams, their thoughts on us. We want to be a singer or a sportsman, but why they say or order us to go for medical line or for an engineering line. Well it’s common in India as it’s like a ritual which is running from past till present. But I have a question if there was something which can find my skills, my wish, my aim in life, my interest. I believe in that case it would be something more beautiful, like achieving everything without hurting and by, “God Grace”, parents will be happy too.

I have gone searching for such thing which can be implemented in our life which can change the new generation not only new generation but for all ages but I didn’t found it searched in internet, talked to big institutes but no result. But suddenly something incredible happen with me like, “I went for an interview as I was searching job desperately for last 2 months and there I was invited to join an organization called Brain Wonders, I came to know that by our only one fingerprint impression on a System Tool we will be able to know about our inner skills, what we are capable of and what we are not”. Well I came to know that it already exist in India in Mumbai and its planning to come to North East with this new source to make our new generation meet it targets more easily. I was curious to know about it so I tried to go deeply into it and came to know its source code it’s a Dermatoglyphics theory and it’s called “The Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence (DMIT)”, it measure the child’s strengths. Well it nurture’s a child’s intelligence from education, to deduction and finally to application. We can say that Brain Wonders gives our child the opportunity to use cutting-edge technology to create, motivate and think beyond the limitations of childhood.

Well I believe we are processing further towards technology with fast-moving generation, so if we can get a technology which can make us better, best and meet our aim, what we want to be, so why not going for it. We see and learn foreign culture try to adapt their things whether it’s bad or good we are running fast about to know them, so why not something which will evolve us and make us better in the prospectus of education, guidance for various career possibilities, knowing our inborn potential, strength or weakness, which can guide us to build strengths and correct our weakness. Well I can say that it’s something very important as I can still see parents forcing and after that disgrace, hatred comes from the child side. It’s not like parents are doing something bad, but if they know more clearly about their child then it will be simply awesome. So I can say we can give it a try as there is no harm just a fingerprint and you will know about your child’s natural propensity towards key-interest areas, which would later develop into talents for them.

“The Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Report (D.M.I.T)”, produces the following results:-

  • Left/Right Brain Dominance.
  • Development of 10 Lobes in our Brain.
  • Learning style (Audio, Visual or Kinesthetic Learner).
  • Possible Parenting method of young DMIT Customers.
  • Identification & Implementation of Dr. Howard Gardner’s 8 Multiple Intelligence Theory.
  • Fingerprints Analysis helps in Identification of a person’s inborn characteristics.
  • Guidance for Various Career Possibilities.
  • Knowing Inborn Potential, Strength/Weakness.
  • Guidelines to build your strengths and correct the weakness.

What more to say, you people are more educated, more talented with your own skills, so something which can evolve us and make us think a bit more broad and make our children meet their desire and dream and obviously which they are capable of by, “The Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Theory”, just a simple a fingerprint and you will know your child’s inborn talents, so think about it once.

“Child Labor is it a regular practice or something else”

Day by day we are processing further towards the betterment of our life and for our growth too. Well but few things we are not noticing for which we are lacking behind. The importance in putting child into labor, forcing them to work as a butcher, selling fish, working in someone’s place as a servant or making them bound to be a thief or a beggar. The main reason behind this is lack of education, family support and many more reasons. We are processing further towards the betterment of India but are we ignoring the brutal truth.

Recently from India Kailash Satyarthi as well as from Pakistan Malala Yousafzai won Nobel Peace Prize for their work on promoting child rights in the troubled subcontinent. They work hard to make those children free from the divesting life structure, they had done best to make their future bright, but are we taking these notes seriously and trying to implement the same. No, we are not, taking an example, “While crossing an minister house in my hometown, beside there was a three storage well building, well maintained, a car came horned for almost 4 times and what I saw a child age of 9 to 10 yrs old, struggling to open the big gate and was wearing torn cloths. I shouted in front of the minister house with my friends making them notice but no one react to it”. It’s been common in North East for child labor, we are working fast, growing day by day, education level is getting higher, we are introducing international studies over here, but it’s of no use. As which something is going on will proceed in the same manner only. Our Corruption level is so high we suppress those things and try to show different picture to the public. But when common people like me see’s this or tourist visits they see the horrible structure of our North East. Another incident which occurs in parks, “While visiting a park in my hometown Guwahati with my girlfriend, while sitting and chatting with her, a child with pathetic condition came and start begging, I was going to give some amount to him so that they can have something but when I closely observed his face and his shirt I was shocked they were drugged with dry stuffs dress covered with dendrite substance”. This is a regular ongoing process which is going on still yet and will run how further we don’t know.

We have to stood together be broad and talk about these things which is running and being a regular practice. We can stop these things and make things better for North East as it’s something which should be changed as at this age children should play, study and seek to their knowledge gaining strength. They are the future of ours and if they are taking a different steps which is horrible, painful and it will lead us to the, “Doom”. We should try our level best to make their future bright so that it will be gainful for us at the day end. Instead of giving them opportunity to do bad we should either put them to child jail where they can get education plus proper way to live their life or either if he is a servant, be proud and like you are sending your son/daughter to school send them to so that they can make you proud too some day. Make them study, learn them to live life and generate the strength to lead us, as what they are now is just nothing but going towards the path of destruction.

1CC7A587-C0B1-4C2F-BDE8-4EB705DEC72E_mw1024_mh1024_s miners-child-india 133403491_14026272720321n 133403491_14026272720291n 9636481343_55472ab9d6_c a-child-weaving-india m_id_294200_child_labour img_0547 FeiraNovaPE2-300x226 child-labor-in-america-by-www.whatisusa.info_ First Phase Digital An-Indian-boy-breaks-coal-006

“Happy Face or Doubting Nature it’s simply unpredictable”

You work day and night, give plenty of time to your family as much as you can, but what’s the use of it when you returned back home your mother fights with you for no reason and your girlfriend from another side fights for another reason and you are left in the middle thinking what the hell I did wrong. There is a saying that, “A woman’s heart and the depth of an ocean both are same as you can’t get the depth”. It’s punishable after loving your love ones desperately giving her time after getting scolding, why they don’t understands us? Why they don’t value us? Yes, they defiantly care for us, they give us idea’s how to modify our life and for our betterment. But why she thinks that I ignore her? Why they think that we will use them like others do? Why can’t she think that I love her like hell?

Mother, Mom, Mai different aspect how we call to the person who kept us for 9 months with all pain and agony and after our birth why we forget them. Yes, that’s true I was something else, I was rude, my talks were painful, but people change when he sees the world’s cruelty more clearly. I am changed and I love you a lot mother and I want to change the way you are now, give you comfort, respect, buy you all sorts of luxuries things which you are always capable of buying but you didn’t just for me. I was selfish thought only about myself, drugged myself with all sort of dry stuffs, enjoyed my luxurious life and at the end gained nothing but these things made me think about those persons who were attached to me and always thought about my life benefit. Now I am simple graduate but all my cousins sitting on the topmost with higher study and better life. I never regret for it, I know I did something which no one will ever be able to do. I lived my life according to myself but now I want something different, want to live for them who gave me so much my mother and my love.

I travelled almost all metro cities in India and say the disgrace and painful, fight among own self, henpecked learned to obey their wife’s/girlfriend no time to us their own heads. Why I am saying so coz. I have seen it, I am not saying about others I have seen the same in my own family, it was worse, I was a kid didn’t know much but still I heard, saw fights, teasing painfully among own sisters, no time to encourage them instead of speaking painfully. Yes, people have some features which they can’t change forever till the end but that doesn’t mean you speak rude to them, you can make them understand the same by coolness instead of harsh behavior as it will make them do the same more and more in angriness. I am trying my level best to make everyone understand everyone what I want and how to do it better and live life happily.

They say we support our family, our parents, then please give me a dam reason why should not I support my family; she struggled a lot to make me what I am now. What she did, she shared the things which you people say to her, humiliate her, make her a servant, scold her like hell and now I am there to stand beside her always like a pillar. I am bad and I loved it coz. I do nothing I speak the truth, which is nothing but the dam truth and painful speech which I say from childhood till now. I guess how they can be so rude, remember me only at the time of requirement and help why? I am a free bird and I love to fly as high as I can and one day you will realize for your mistake what have you done and if you don’t then God certainly will show it to you “AMEN”.

“Doomsday is not so far”

We say we want pollution free world, all place neat and clean, proper decorum, but do we really mean it? In India we have started something new called “Lets Clean India (Chalo Saff Kare India)”, but are we civilized enough to understand it. Our new “Prime Minister – Narendra Modi”, stood first and stated the sologon, but we Indian’s always search for a shortcut for everything as we are so busy in our societal life.

I have seen myself which disturbs me a lot ”while walking on road when I can see the dustbin is two steps ahead of me, but why still people threw garbage’s on the streets why man why?”. We say we are civilized people working in different high post, but still we think small. Wherever we see place where we can litter or we can do pea we do, on walls, on shade, wherever place we get we do so, are we dog or human being? There are many programs showing in television which can change our perception of thinking one of them is named, Satyamev Jayate”, we gather with our family to watch it, talk about it, criticize it, but what’s the use we forgot the same as quick as the episode ends, we process with our same things again. It’s been like a daily routine for them. I have been stayed outside from my hometown for almost 7 years. When I returned I saw many changes big buildings came out, new shops, well developed streets, many things changed in the sector of development of states, business, technology etc. but why can’t they change their mind too regarding the same. We develop things to earn more and more money, run after it, as expense has been increased rapidly day after day.

I incident which happened in front of my eyes and co incident it happened in our capital Delhi, corruption is so high, if we can turn in nights we can see the main corruption, main disturbing things held in Capital Delhi. The incident goes like that, “while returning from office @ 03:00 AM, there was a barricade where police checking goes on @ night for heavy vehicles, but the Traffic Police/Police are so fucking corrupt they leave them and ask them to move in 10 to 5 rupees or if higher goes to 100 rupees, when I saw it and when there was a eye to eye contact with the police officer he started hiding it”. We say we are secure in India where Army is Keeping us safe as they are guarding in boarder, Navy keep us safe from the sea invaders,  Air force keeping us safe from the air invaders  and police keeping us safe from inside. As there is a saying, “if Police is no longer corrupt then all will be cool and great in India as they always know what’s going on where and why, they are the source code”.

“Greenery is disappearing from earth”. We cut trees, ends forests existence to develop our own luxuries things. Multi National Company, Big Apartments, develop new multi storage shops, but we are forgetting something if there is no tree, then there is no rain and if there is no rain then there is no cultivation, no water to drink, there will be a chaos everywhere. Trees and forest are the main source of rain. We should stood forward against it and try to plant a seed, so that at the end of the month or year it will be a tree and it will help us in some sort of protection from natural calamities. So think about it, it can be a great step towards development too.

We can’t even think that we are going towards destruction of our own self, “Doomsday is not so far”. Antarctic is melting down, ozone layer of our earth which is protecting us from the sun rays is getting thinner day by day due to pollution, every prospectus is changing in earth, my hometown its November running but the temperature is going high @ 32 degree where it should be 18/21 degree. We are the turn over, if we can’t change our self quickly then we will be the mass destruction of our own and we will not be able to blame anyone as we will not exist at that time to say so.

Ravi_Shankar_Prasad_broom_Clean_India_650_PTI Annapurna-Studios Students cleann 0,,17969469_303,00

“Happiness or Sorrow, your choice of Path”

“Happiness is the strength of life and sorrowfulness is the path of destruction towards hell”. People say you should stay happy always, laugh as much as you can and fly as high as you can, but do you give us to live like we want. They talk about society, gossips, backbites; stare at us like we are gone steel something from their place. Why all can’t think a little bit broad enough? Why they fight among themselves to conquer something? Why they can’t stay happy and live everyone stay in their own manner? Why they interfere too much in others life? Why they try to dominate us when they know we don’t want? Is they want to know much about life or is there just “General Knowledge”, to interfere in others life?

I Laugh a lot when I see those thing, I’m not angry but I’m amazed to see those things. They are educated, well employed in Govt. job, well settled, but still why you are so immature? “Ahhhh Yea one incident, “Me was roaming with my Girlfriend, people were staring in such manner like what the hell I was doing on the street, a mature person came to take his daughter from tuition but while leaving he was staring so badly turning his head 360 degree, he just forgot that his daughter was sitting back”. They say from, “2000 century all boys and girls are equally”, but do you really mean it? We are running fast, growing in the field of technical as well as in education level, but does the thinking of the people changes? If a girl is wearing shorts, walking on the street, doing marketing does it mean anything bad why you stare so much? “You whistle when they pass you, is it necessary to respond to it, are they a dog or a human being”.

People say why we can’t change the world, yes we can, but if our mind is in such negative position we will never, the place where we are we will stay their only. We North East one of the most popular place where seven sister’s belong, place of hills, well placed education, weather always awesome, where mini Scotland belongs my hometown, beautiful places to visit, where tourism is on the best. But still some places people speak rubbish. “They don’t think before they speak, but why – are we bad, are we ugly, are we militants or it’s their perception what they think about us”. I can’t change their mind but I know what I am and what I am doing. Being best by showing others doesn’t mean you are good, you should be clear from your heart, speak truth, be faithful, be trusty, be a joker to make others happy coz. it gives happiness not sad, be joyful, be a shadow for your lover, stood straight, be straight and speak straight.

I can’t say much but I see everyday learn things and try to beat them in their own word. I am happy with my life, my family, found someone very special to me, who cares, inspires me every moment to learn to fight through this nasty world, gain strength, acquire confidence to see the better world in the future. “My new life started here, everyday every hour I stare think, I wish I was back few years earlier……….”

16bob-marley-quotes1 10151197_635394126547324_511000960104954843_n IMG_13468279679263 IMG_22862952912186 IMG_88568591299349

“Angriness Solution or Destruction towards Volcanic Eruption”

Why People can’t think what can they do and what they can’t, possibility of life structure, making it well lovely. Why it’s like harm and angriness is all the solution, like volcanic eruption is always there, instead of that why they can’t sort a solution of the problem. If simply one sorry and one apology can change everything then why angriness is required, if you are correct from your side make people understand it and feel it that what you said is simply truth from your heart.

I tried my level best to make two people in my life to understand everything by my deeds but why they shout at me, why they show their frustration on me why on me? Am I doing something wrong, I said  truth of the world what these hollow corporate/private world means, it’s their thinking which we can’t change it as it matter of designation, power and defiantly attitude. People will try to break you apart, make you week by saying ups and downs, no language barrier, but it’s you who have to sort it out and have to make it smooth and show that you are best and better in your business field not buy buttering or by saying, “yes boss you are always right”, instead of that show him/her what actually your profile means and what you can do the best in it by your work. Yes, people make mistakes but that doesn’t mean that you are bowed down towards earth, informed or not informed all origination has its own rule and regulation. If you want to be best in your field you should have to know each and every deep path of your organization. How I can say so much? Spend almost 6 years in MNC Field, heard every language. It’s not what you delivered they want from you, they want you to be best in your field, so that people can admire you.

“Guardians says ohhhh son/daughter you have young enough to look after yourself I can’t look after you as I am retired now”, don’t be disappointed it’s what they have fought and made you tough to face it. You are self sufficient to look after yourself, you are working, you are running yourself, you are best, you are something which no one can compare, simple different from others, “You can say you are extra ordinary”. Defeat the fear; give dam to the world, because no can dominate you, you are special and be special. Beat the world by in its own word, speak well and they will understand what mistake they had done in their path. Focus and try to understand the world coz. it speaks the truth shows you the horrified and beautiful wild ones which you even can’t aspect, just stare it and read it.

I am not a philosopher or a writer, what I write I faced it, I have seen it and it’s simply hell like cool. They say metro cities are cool like ice, yes, it is but either it will take you to hell or it will make you cool. It’s up to you what you choose, as no one teaches anyone, it’s up to you what you learn by seeing, your eagerness to learn bad or good. The disturbing eyes, the appreciation with different reasons, the cunningness of taking promotion, the buttering spell, its simple unbelievably. I laughed a lot by seeing so, sitting on the topmost roof smoked too much but analyzed it you can’t change it alone coz. Whenever you try to change or make understand people about the fact another philosopher appears and he speaks too much and tries to put u wrong. Why we compare? Why we can’t be the best? Why we can’t sit where no one can see us? Why can’t we simple make understand people what we speak? Why it’s so complicated? Well lots of question but few answer’s, as for them it’s simply a nonsense talk, which doesn’t have any existence in this world, no one’s bothers to turn and look for it.

volcano-lightning-tornado-on-the-road-full-hd-166370 Abstract_Other_121893

“Sins of Past, Goodness of Present & Future Unpredictable”

 “Pain it hurts a lot”, when u tries to say so much no one understands you. You do many things which can’t be predicted by anyone but still why they are not happy, is that you who is taking all the pain and still trying to make all happy, but why they can’t see it. Is it that I have left them for a long time without any contact or some other reasons but am I losing myself or am I not? Just want to see the happy face, smiling face, cheering everyone in every moment whether it’s bad or good, they must encourage instead of discouraging. As it’s not what they can’t do, as it is saying something always, “come on I am waiting for the best shot of yours”.

I want something more from life; I want to change it, something new, beautiful, extraordinary and mystic. But I believe it’s something hard which I can’t get as my sins are too harsh, too painful then my present life. I might be changed, done some good things or in future will do more & more. But will I be forgiven for what I did? Often I say, “i’m the architect of my own destruction”, is it stick to my destiny? I say I will make my own destiny my own world, but is it already written for me? It seemed that the end is near or latter but still it’s pathetic, painful. Can’t say it in words just can feel it in everyone eyes for me every second, every moment.

“Parent’s, they are like, “GOD”, but do only the true blood relation know you or all do the same? Well it’s a controversial talk which no one ever tried to solve it. But is what I have seen from childhood till now, growing strong day by day, learning each lesson of life deeply, as its part of my own life. Trying to survive in this might world again by changing destination, but is it what my life mend for or something else is waiting again for my arrival. Well can’t predict the future, but I wish I could, in that case my life would be different from others.

Seeing the hollow face of everyone, everyday, trying to read their mystic, jealousy, notorious mind, but can’t as I am not a mind reader. But do their eyes talk, seeing everything so deeply like they got a night vision. Sounds funny, “but is the world is really going to its finest – DOOM”. Mystery really mystery can’t say it but I believe you all know what can we do and what can be done to save it, just need few hands to support to make it better, so that we can save our self of being doomed. Seek for it and you will get the answer.


WFM – Real Time Analyst – (RTA)

Real Time Analyst (RTA) is also known as (MCA) Mission Control Analyst interesting work but tough job. We work on real time basis; we monitor the schedule’s, call volume, AHT, every parameters to meet the targets of the client, through tools which are Avaya, CC Pulse, CMS, Nortel, Polycom, Cisco, Teleopti etc.

“For me it’s almost 3 years in this profile and still keen to learn more & more. When I was selected I thought what RTA is, but when I get myself involved in the field I came to know that it’s very essential part of WFM. If we don’t maintain Service Level (SL), Average Talk Time (AHT), Answering level and all other Real Time activities, then we can say we won’t meet the targets which are set by the clients and at the day end, everything will be tossed up. I have been working hard in this profile, those real time shouts, “Wrap up your call guys”, “Guys control your AHT”. As we work in different tools we can gain knowledge as much as we can.

If we check through call center’s predetermined schedules, monitoring adherence screens display when agents are available for calls and when they take their breaks. The WFM Live software is able to continuously monitor and record statuses of the workforce, showing which agents are on the phone and which are not in such a quick manner so that action can be taken immediately. With this information at hand, call center supervisors can correctly forecast and create optimized schedules that balance service levels, costs and agent requirements to plan for long-term staffing needs.

Some its key capabilities are:

  • Monitor agent status in real-time.
  • Monitor and analyze key performance indicators and trends to reforecast, reschedule, and adjust staffing levels.
  • Track and compare forecasted and actual center statistics.
  • Evaluate adherence and take action to improve performance.

There was a time when “real-time management” simply wasn’t possible for any company with more than a handful of employees. Today, it is not just a goal but a necessity for most industries, as described in Brad Cleveland’s new book, Call Center Management on Fast Forward.

While call centers may not have to face that particular challenge, it’s also true that incoming storms can take many forms, such as when a forecast doesn’t match actual call volume. With Workforce Optimization (WFO) software, it’s possible to adjust forecasts and schedules in real time, while also receiving real-time alerts of key metrics, and dashboard monitoring of key activities.
Call monitoring? That starts real-time as well with WFO, so you won’t miss a moment of the calls you’ll eventually use for training and agent reviews.

With an automated solution in place, a call center manager has the capability to streamline schedule adherence goals and practices. Here’s how it works when you have the right tools for the job:-

  • Forecasting – through simulations based on historical data, you can create a reliable schedule.
  • Schedule Creation – adherence is improved when a schedule takes into account agent availability, skills, holidays, breaks and other variables.
  • Intra-day Management – when adjustments are necessary, WFM provides real-time updates so schedule goals are met regardless of changes.
  • Real-time Adherence – this is the fastest way to compare forecasted data with actual daily activity. The results will aid in future forecasting and scheduling, toward the goal of more consistent adherence.
  • Performance Analysis/Metrics – how do you know which agents are doing their part for schedule adherence and which may require additional guidance or training? WFM dashboards and real-time alerts provide the answers.
  • Real-Time Decisions – Quality assurance is impossible without reliable, real-time adherence and quality monitoring that incorporates alerts,dashboards and key performance indicators. Challenges are inevitable, but when they are quickly discovered theycan be corrected before they can become an issue. However, as Brad Cleveland describes, real-time management also relies on execution, once decisionsare made on what needsto be done. Without thiscomponent, service levels and response timesmay not be assufficient as necessary.Bottom line? Don’t panic. Be Calm. With the capabilities made possible by Workforce Optimization, you have the tools you need to keep your call center running at peak efficiency. Just make sure that managers, supervisors and agents are prepared to carry out any schedule adjustments in a way that does not disrupt service.
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“MIS – Management Information System”

“MIS – Management information system”, do we know the meaning; well some know it and some don’t. So, let’s know more about MIS.


-A designation with full of responsibilities, accuracy, good in numbers, pro-activeness, billing cycle.

-A role where we prepare many things Reports, Templates, Request of Operations, Performance Report of the process through which billing is generated.

-A role where we can gain knowledge as much as we can coz we work on many tools, Excel the most important one – learn day by day & gain the perfection to be the best in the role. No place for even a single mistake-0%.

-A role where we prepare the outcome of the Operation’s and where we should be accurate to show the correct data coz through those reports, the process and the company grows.

“MIS – Management information system” – Gives business managers the information they need to make decisions and solve problems, while facilitating data from different aspects of a project. Early business computers were used for simple operations such as tracking inventory, billing, sales, or payroll data, with little detail or structure. Over time, these computer applications became more complex and previously isolated applications, such as card systems and magnetic storage, became connected in the 1980s and allowed a way to network the information together. With greater computing capability and the networks to link the necessary information, MIS became a standard among many companies.

Originally, MIS described applications providing managers with information about sales, inventories, and other data that would help in managing the enterprise. Over time, the term broadened to include: decision support systems, resource management and human resource management, enterprise resource planning, management, supply, customer relationship management, project management and database retrieval applications.

An MIS provides three types of information to managers:

  • Detailed, which confirms activities?
  • Summary, which puts information in an easy-to-read form.
  • Exception, which deals with all information outside the normal scope of activities.

About me well I’m confused, after writing this I came to know about the meaning of MIS in WFM. It helped me a lot in my field, getting hold of data, accuracy, knowing everything about the process, targets to meet. Most important thing, it encourages me to learn more and more and motivates me to get hold of 100% in Excel, but it’s a long run and Excel has no limits. Guys are you counting yourself…….?







Its All About “SOCCER”

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in Europe and the Americas. It has a vivid and interesting history in the world of sports. Early evidence of soccer being played as a sport finds occurrence in China during the 2nd and 3rd centuries BC.

It is said that early growth of the modern soccer started in England. Some amusing facts even mention that the first ball used was the head of some Danish brigand. It is said that during medieval times, the old form of soccer used to allow many ill practices like kicking, punching, biting and gouging. The main aim was to carry the ball to a target spot. People grew so fond of the game that they would throng the field all day long. Sometimes the competition grew fierce and masses got so wild that there were frequent incidents of violence during the game. It is also said that soldiers admired the game so much that they missed archery practice to watch it.

When and where exactly did soccer start is a question that has no precise answer to it. You can easily say that this popular game has been played for more than three thousand years. The nativity of modern-day soccer must be credited to Britain. It was also known as the association football, with Scotland and England being the co-founders of the systematic game of soccer.

In 1815, a major development took place that made soccer popular in Universities, Colleges and Schools. The popular English School and Eton College came forth with a set of rules, known as the Cambridge Rules. Football was segregated into two groups; some colleges and schools opted for Rugby rules that allowed tripping, shin kicking and also carrying the ball. These rules were exclusively prohibited as per the Cambridge rules. The history of modern-day soccer was established in 1863.

In October 1863, eleven representatives from London clubs and schools met at the Freemason’s Tavern to set up common fundamental rules to control the matches amongst themselves. The outcome of this meeting was the formation of the Football Association. In December 1863, the Rugby Football and Association football finally split as the supporters of the Rugby School rules walked out. Firmly establishing the foundation of soccer in 1869, the Football Association strictly banned any kind of handling of the ball. Soccer’s popularity spread rapidly during the 1800s as British sailors, traders and soldiers introduced the sport to different parts of the globe. Italians, Austrians and Germans drew to Europe, while Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil adopted the sport in South America. FIFA was established in the year 1904 and by early 1930s, different leagues were operating from various countries. FIFA is credited with organizing the first world cup in Uruguay. The history of soccer is rich with events, development and its growing craze all over the world. You will find yourself amazed as you learn about different times of this wonderful sport that has held our awe and admiration for over 3000 years.

“Work Force Management”

“WFM”, important word hard to understand, but if you know the actually meaning, you won’t ever want to leave the post…why..? Important question – this is the position where you can get knowledge, which never has an end, every day new challenges, stand in the top most to be the best in the business of BPO. WFM is the back bone of the BPO. Here we work on Real Time Basis as well as reporting part, Scheduling, Forecasting, maintaining the billing by the MIS. Well every day we get an opportunity to learn something new, something important which help us to achieve our goals….

Well in my life it helps me a lot; I was frustrated of taking calls, but due to my friend who helped me to understand the meaning of WFM & Excel. Want to thank my Manager who helped me, who gave me an opportunity to work on this field, which we called “Work Force Management”. Tough world hard to survive, competition is on its utmost post. To survive only one thing you should know, everything about the process to be on the top.

Aggression, attitude, dominating this is the things which help in WFM to get its job done. Well i believe being cool also we can do and achieve those similar things. How do i know? Well simply straight forward we have to highlight everything the loo falls of the operations so that it can be solved and we can meet the target for which we are paid for. Smart work another word which is used in WFM….coz alertness, alarm raise on time can save many things. I believe i’m happy in it. Are you WFM Guys…?




Life Cycle – People are Awesome – Chapter IV

People are awesome, well its true can’t say it just feel it, as life takes us to attend those moments and those things are unbelievable. Whatever the task might be but we humans are capable to doing everything to reach to its utmost. Its simple awesome. Being awesome, quite literally, means to elicit awe. Awe is not something people express much these days. So to be truly awesome, you must find a way to inspire this rare reaction. There are a lot of ways to be awesome, so don’t treat what you are about to watch as the only way to be awesome. Being awesome is being redefined each and every day. Maybe you can be the person who helps redefine it.

“Scotland of the East”

Known as the Scotland of the East, Shillong is situated on an elevation of 1946 meters above sea level. It derived its name from the legendary Shyllong hill range, where the deity U Lei Shyllong d welled. The capital city of the State as well as the District headquarters of East Khasi Hills District. Shillong. This beautiful city is 103 kms, from Guwahati, the nearest air and train link. The presence of many well reputed educational institutions, many of them established by various missionary groups make Shillong the hub of education for the entire north-east. Shillong was previously home to the Khasis but now its population comes from all regions of the country. English is the official language and Khasi the predominantly spoken language but English, Hindi and Bengali are also widely spoken.Shillong is also a destination for the nature tourist. A wide range of activities-rock climbing, caving and boating awaits those who seek nature sports. Cherrapunji, famous for its abundant rainfall and waterfalls, is only 34 km away……..So when you are visiting…….?



Life Cycle – Chapter II

In this World there is everything whatever u asks for its bad or good you will get it. They say when we die, we go to Heaven or Hell but really do we know it have we seen it…? I have seen the worst part fights among sisters, brothers, parents, family, love, job…………..I believe whatever we do whether it’s bad or good we get the result in this dawn only till we die. I have seen it, i have suffered i realized my mistakes when i was left alone in the “Sahara Desert”. Thinking why me, well then i came to know once said by a wise man “Every Action There Is An Equal & Opposite Reaction”. What i did it came back to me it’s the pain which i feel now – “I’m The Architect Of My Own Destruction”. You promised that you’d never leave, where are you now…? But again the but comes coz there is one thing left which i think we all believe sharing part we humans called it “FRIENDS”. There so much about understands we called settlement of everything. But still we humans need more, more and more coz our satisfaction has no limits, it is never enough. Well sometimes it is hard to believe. Just Hard…..Is it………………?

1370_9b0e524c245e40ed2a77b54ecbb29f8a 54588_20130224_051402_ted-lonely-sad-never-leave-me-quote-pics-sayings-pictures-images 309598_244201602303906_1680377946_n

Life Cycle….!

Life what we can see from beginning till end…we just see what we do we create we realize but never give up….coz life itself says i’m possible. We might be sad, we might b rude, but do anyone bothers? Life is so busy no time for no one. But when i was a child, i heard some words “where there is a will there is way” & when there is way u can achieve everything whether it might b bringing moon to the earth. Well i’m just pulling legs but when i say about seriousness its dam important what i mean to say. I Pro will tell u a small story day by day who fights through this horror of Earth, said many things but still un seen. Well can’t say it in a day but let’s start it day by day.

“I Confess…….?


“Love life or Sentenced to Death”

People say fall in love, seek your lover and try to learn him/her, so that you can fulfill all his/her dreams and then life will be full of surprises and joyful, but is they really mean it or they want something different? My life full of surprises from small till now but still I can’t understand what they really want from it. Made mistakes in life, uncountable can’t say how much, but did for which still I am paying for it, but does it mean that if I try to be good and best from  now, am I bad? Mistakes are the fortune of human being but the main thing is that what they have learnt from it, I have learnt many things and I am trying to recover my sins. Is sacrifice is the only mean of life, can’t it be something else. Does dedication mean something else? People say if you love someone stick to him or her till end, make him/her life lovely, fantastic, encouraging and  make every moment, every second memorable so that you can remember it and laugh as much as you can with him/her  and keep tingle you for life time. Do I ask something very uncommon or it’s the requirement of everyone who falls in love. I believe blaming someone doesn’t mean everything it’s you who have to change it and how you do it it’s up to you. I try my level best to make all happy, my life I don’t know where it’s going and where it will end, but still when after trying to come out of your sins and try to make everything smooth why it mismatch’s again.

If after doing nothing people predict many things about you, then what you will say about them. You want them to be good, better, fast and most important know your partner more than him/her, but does they try to understand you or it’s just you who has been trying to do so. Why there is no understanding? Why there is no adjustment? Why can’t they understand how much you love them? Why can’t they understand that you all always with them, instead of fight also? Do sexes is only the solution, love has no place for it. People say we use and through him/her like a tissue paper, but does it implies for all or some are good too. I don’t know about it, it’s just a mystery, which I tried to solve it but I failed. I failed every aspect to make people understand about me, what I am.


Friendship interesting word. Well if we separate both words its friend and ship, well interesting ship, something which sticks to you or carry’s you and helps you in every moment. It’s all about understanding, helping hands, those unstoppable fun and enjoyment can’t say it, just can feel it. You are never alone, your friend is always beside you saying “I’m there bro”….coz in life Friends play the most important role. Well it’s true and it always is.

Friend is not only a word it has a deep meaning inside it. Friends are the captain of your life (ship) and they will help you to travel in this big world (ocean). Friends are those who will help you in your life as a captain take care of his ship. True friend will always guide you and help you to achieve your dreams no matter what happen they will always help you and stick to you. “Life without friend is like ship without ocean”.

Even i can’t forget my days i had those utmost fun bunking classes, watching movies, games in which we were always best, those funny things done in the classes, i was the last bench-er, preparing the cheat notes, getting punishments, “get up and catch your ear’s”. Once a wise man had said “A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed”. Firstly, is it ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’ or ‘a friend in need is a friend in deed’? Secondly, is it ‘a friend (when you are) in need’ or ‘a friend (who is) in need’? If the former, then the phrase means: ‘someone who helps you when you are in need is a true friend’. If the latter, it is ‘someone who needs your help becomes especially friendly in order to obtain it’. Friends thank you for being a part of my life. Do you agree…….? PhotoGrid_1401827742725 PhotoGrid_1401644676467 PhotoGrid_1401644590923 PhotoGrid_1401644557533 PhotoGrid_1400958472836 PhotoGrid_1398116604920 f64c IMG_3066 PQAAAIguOExeGeVCSzUuqH2Z28Z78o0qUSSUBEG_TJfeg7LkOjVkyuw10Z6tjs4aLBT62psFJxFycluQSH8TNc99rQgAm1T1UGgXgU1P0hz-q-wNI2wyWeARPU37