Life Cycle – Chapter II

In this World there is everything whatever u asks for its bad or good you will get it. They say when we die, we go to Heaven or Hell but really do we know it have we seen it…? I have seen the worst part fights among sisters, brothers, parents, family, love, job…………..I believe whatever we do whether it’s bad or good we get the result in this dawn only till we die. I have seen it, i have suffered i realized my mistakes when i was left alone in the “Sahara Desert”. Thinking why me, well then i came to know once said by a wise man “Every Action There Is An Equal & Opposite Reaction”. What i did it came back to me it’s the pain which i feel now – “I’m The Architect Of My Own Destruction”. You promised that you’d never leave, where are you now…? But again the but comes coz there is one thing left which i think we all believe sharing part we humans called it “FRIENDS”. There so much about understands we called settlement of everything. But still we humans need more, more and more coz our satisfaction has no limits, it is never enough. Well sometimes it is hard to believe. Just Hard…..Is it………………?

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17 thoughts on “Life Cycle – Chapter II

  1. Life is blank & white picture in which we need to fill color as per our choice.. Make it more colorful and beautiful as you love to live….

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