“Sins of Past, Goodness of Present & Future Unpredictable”

 “Pain it hurts a lot”, when u tries to say so much no one understands you. You do many things which can’t be predicted by anyone but still why they are not happy, is that you who is taking all the pain and still trying to make all happy, but why they can’t see it. Is it that I have left them for a long time without any contact or some other reasons but am I losing myself or am I not? Just want to see the happy face, smiling face, cheering everyone in every moment whether it’s bad or good, they must encourage instead of discouraging. As it’s not what they can’t do, as it is saying something always, “come on I am waiting for the best shot of yours”.

I want something more from life; I want to change it, something new, beautiful, extraordinary and mystic. But I believe it’s something hard which I can’t get as my sins are too harsh, too painful then my present life. I might be changed, done some good things or in future will do more & more. But will I be forgiven for what I did? Often I say, “i’m the architect of my own destruction”, is it stick to my destiny? I say I will make my own destiny my own world, but is it already written for me? It seemed that the end is near or latter but still it’s pathetic, painful. Can’t say it in words just can feel it in everyone eyes for me every second, every moment.

“Parent’s, they are like, “GOD”, but do only the true blood relation know you or all do the same? Well it’s a controversial talk which no one ever tried to solve it. But is what I have seen from childhood till now, growing strong day by day, learning each lesson of life deeply, as its part of my own life. Trying to survive in this might world again by changing destination, but is it what my life mend for or something else is waiting again for my arrival. Well can’t predict the future, but I wish I could, in that case my life would be different from others.

Seeing the hollow face of everyone, everyday, trying to read their mystic, jealousy, notorious mind, but can’t as I am not a mind reader. But do their eyes talk, seeing everything so deeply like they got a night vision. Sounds funny, “but is the world is really going to its finest – DOOM”. Mystery really mystery can’t say it but I believe you all know what can we do and what can be done to save it, just need few hands to support to make it better, so that we can save our self of being doomed. Seek for it and you will get the answer.