“Angriness Solution or Destruction towards Volcanic Eruption”

Why People can’t think what can they do and what they can’t, possibility of life structure, making it well lovely. Why it’s like harm and angriness is all the solution, like volcanic eruption is always there, instead of that why they can’t sort a solution of the problem. If simply one sorry and one apology can change everything then why angriness is required, if you are correct from your side make people understand it and feel it that what you said is simply truth from your heart.

I tried my level best to make two people in my life to understand everything by my deeds but why they shout at me, why they show their frustration on me why on me? Am I doing something wrong, I said  truth of the world what these hollow corporate/private world means, it’s their thinking which we can’t change it as it matter of designation, power and defiantly attitude. People will try to break you apart, make you week by saying ups and downs, no language barrier, but it’s you who have to sort it out and have to make it smooth and show that you are best and better in your business field not buy buttering or by saying, “yes boss you are always right”, instead of that show him/her what actually your profile means and what you can do the best in it by your work. Yes, people make mistakes but that doesn’t mean that you are bowed down towards earth, informed or not informed all origination has its own rule and regulation. If you want to be best in your field you should have to know each and every deep path of your organization. How I can say so much? Spend almost 6 years in MNC Field, heard every language. It’s not what you delivered they want from you, they want you to be best in your field, so that people can admire you.

“Guardians says ohhhh son/daughter you have young enough to look after yourself I can’t look after you as I am retired now”, don’t be disappointed it’s what they have fought and made you tough to face it. You are self sufficient to look after yourself, you are working, you are running yourself, you are best, you are something which no one can compare, simple different from others, “You can say you are extra ordinary”. Defeat the fear; give dam to the world, because no can dominate you, you are special and be special. Beat the world by in its own word, speak well and they will understand what mistake they had done in their path. Focus and try to understand the world coz. it speaks the truth shows you the horrified and beautiful wild ones which you even can’t aspect, just stare it and read it.

I am not a philosopher or a writer, what I write I faced it, I have seen it and it’s simply hell like cool. They say metro cities are cool like ice, yes, it is but either it will take you to hell or it will make you cool. It’s up to you what you choose, as no one teaches anyone, it’s up to you what you learn by seeing, your eagerness to learn bad or good. The disturbing eyes, the appreciation with different reasons, the cunningness of taking promotion, the buttering spell, its simple unbelievably. I laughed a lot by seeing so, sitting on the topmost roof smoked too much but analyzed it you can’t change it alone coz. Whenever you try to change or make understand people about the fact another philosopher appears and he speaks too much and tries to put u wrong. Why we compare? Why we can’t be the best? Why we can’t sit where no one can see us? Why can’t we simple make understand people what we speak? Why it’s so complicated? Well lots of question but few answer’s, as for them it’s simply a nonsense talk, which doesn’t have any existence in this world, no one’s bothers to turn and look for it.


Abstract_Other_121893  volcano-lightning-tornado-on-the-road-full-hd-166370


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