“Love life or Sentenced to Death”

People say fall in love, seek your lover and try to learn him/her, so that you can fulfill all his/her dreams and then life will be full of surprises and joyful, but is they really mean it or they want something different? My life full of surprises from small till now but still I can’t understand what they really want from it. Made mistakes in life, uncountable can’t say how much, but did for which still I am paying for it, but does it mean that if I try to be good and best from  now, am I bad? Mistakes are the fortune of human being but the main thing is that what they have learnt from it, I have learnt many things and I am trying to recover my sins. Is sacrifice is the only mean of life, can’t it be something else. Does dedication mean something else? People say if you love someone stick to him or her till end, make him/her life lovely, fantastic, encouraging and  make every moment, every second memorable so that you can remember it and laugh as much as you can with him/her  and keep tingle you for life time. Do I ask something very uncommon or it’s the requirement of everyone who falls in love. I believe blaming someone doesn’t mean everything it’s you who have to change it and how you do it it’s up to you. I try my level best to make all happy, my life I don’t know where it’s going and where it will end, but still when after trying to come out of your sins and try to make everything smooth why it mismatch’s again.

If after doing nothing people predict many things about you, then what you will say about them. You want them to be good, better, fast and most important know your partner more than him/her, but does they try to understand you or it’s just you who has been trying to do so. Why there is no understanding? Why there is no adjustment? Why can’t they understand how much you love them? Why can’t they understand that you all always with them, instead of fight also? Do sexes is only the solution, love has no place for it. People say we use and through him/her like a tissue paper, but does it implies for all or some are good too. I don’t know about it, it’s just a mystery, which I tried to solve it but I failed. I failed every aspect to make people understand about me, what I am.


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