Work Force Management – WFM

WFM – Work Force Management”, important word hard to understand, but if you know the actually meaning, you won’t ever want to leave the post…why..? Important question – this is the position where you can get knowledge, which never has an end, every day new challenges, stand in the top most to be the best in the business of BPO. WFM is the back bone of the BPO. Here we work on Real Time Basis as well as reporting part, Scheduling, Forecasting, maintaining the billing by the MIS. Well every day we get an opportunity to learn something new, something important which help us to achieve our goals….

Well in my life it helps me a lot; I was frustrated of taking calls, but due to my friend who helped me to understand the meaning of WFM & Excel. Want to thank my Manager who helped me, who gave me an opportunity to work on this field, which we called “Work Force Management”. Tough world hard to survive, competition is on its utmost post. To survive only one thing you should know, everything about the process to be on the top.

Aggression, attitude, dominating this is the things which help in WFM to get its job done. Well i believe being cool also we can do and achieve those similar things. How do i know? Well simply straight forward we have to highlight everything the loo falls of the operations so that it can be solved and we can meet the target for which we are paid for. Smart work another word which is used in WFM….coz alertness, alarm raise on time can save many things. I believe i’m happy in it. Are you WFM Guys…?

Sharing below my moments working as WFM – Real Time Analyst :





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