Management Information System – MIS

Do we know the meaning; well some know it and some don’t. So, let’s know more about MIS.


-A designation with full of responsibilities, accuracy, good in numbers, pro-activeness, billing cycle.

-A role where we prepare many things Reports, Templates, Request of Operations, Performance Report of the process through which billing is generated.

-A role where we can gain knowledge as much as we can coz we work on many tools, Excel the most important one – learn day by day & gain the perfection to be the best in the role. No place for even a single mistake-0%.

-A role where we prepare the outcome of the Operation’s and where we should be accurate to show the correct data coz through those reports, the process and the company grows.

“MIS – Management information system” – Gives business managers the information they need to make decisions and solve problems, while facilitating data from different aspects of a project. Early business computers were used for simple operations such as tracking inventory, billing, sales, or payroll data, with little detail or structure. Over time, these computer applications became more complex and previously isolated applications, such as card systems and magnetic storage, became connected in the 1980s and allowed a way to network the information together. With greater computing capability and the networks to link the necessary information, MIS became a standard among many companies.

Originally, MIS described applications providing managers with information about sales, inventories, and other data that would help in managing the enterprise. Over time, the term broadened to include: decision support systems, resource management and human resource management, enterprise resource planning, management, supply, customer relationship management, project management and database retrieval applications.

An MIS provides three types of information to managers:

  • Detailed, which confirms activities?
  • Summary, which puts information in an easy-to-read form.
  • Exception, which deals with all information outside the normal scope of activities.

About me well I’m confused, after writing this I came to know about the meaning of MIS in WFM. It helped me a lot in my field, getting hold of data, accuracy, knowing everything about the process, targets to meet. Most important thing, it encourages me to learn more and more and motivates me to get hold of 100% in Excel, but it’s a long run and Excel has no limits. Guys are you counting yourself…….?






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