Real Time Analyst – RTA

Real Time Analyst (RTA) is also known as (MCA) Mission Control Analyst interesting work but tough job. We work on real time basis; we monitor the schedule’s, call volume, AHT, every parameters to meet the targets of the client, through tools which are Avaya, CC Pulse, CMS, Nortel, Polycom, Cisco, Teleopti etc.

“For me it’s almost 3 years in this profile and still keen to learn more & more. When I was selected I thought what RTA is, but when I get myself involved in the field I came to know that it’s very essential part of WFM. If we don’t maintain Service Level (SL), Average Talk Time (AHT), Answering level and all other Real Time activities, then we can say we won’t meet the targets which are set by the clients and at the day end, everything will be tossed up. I have been working hard in this profile, those real time shouts, “Wrap up your call guys”, “Guys control your AHT”. As we work in different tools we can gain knowledge as much as we can.

If we check through call center’s predetermined schedules, monitoring adherence screens display when agents are available for calls and when they take their breaks. The WFM Live software is able to continuously monitor and record statuses of the workforce, showing which agents are on the phone and which are not in such a quick manner so that action can be taken immediately. With this information at hand, call center supervisors can correctly forecast and create optimized schedules that balance service levels, costs and agent requirements to plan for long-term staffing needs.

Some its key capabilities are:

  • Monitor agent status in real-time.
  • Monitor and analyze key performance indicators and trends to reforecast, reschedule, and adjust staffing levels.
  • Track and compare forecasted and actual center statistics.
  • Evaluate adherence and take action to improve performance.

There was a time when “real-time management” simply wasn’t possible for any company with more than a handful of employees. Today, it is not just a goal but a necessity for most industries, as described in Brad Cleveland’s new book, Call Center Management on Fast Forward.

While call centers may not have to face that particular challenge, it’s also true that incoming storms can take many forms, such as when a forecast doesn’t match actual call volume. With Workforce Optimization (WFO) software, it’s possible to adjust forecasts and schedules in real time, while also receiving real-time alerts of key metrics, and dashboard monitoring of key activities.
Call monitoring? That starts real-time as well with WFO, so you won’t miss a moment of the calls you’ll eventually use for training and agent reviews.

With an automated solution in place, a call center manager has the capability to streamline schedule adherence goals and practices. Here’s how it works when you have the right tools for the job:-

  • Forecasting – through simulations based on historical data, you can create a reliable schedule.
  • Schedule Creation – adherence is improved when a schedule takes into account agent availability, skills, holidays, breaks and other variables.
  • Intra-day Management – when adjustments are necessary, WFM provides real-time updates so schedule goals are met regardless of changes.
  • Real-time Adherence – this is the fastest way to compare forecasted data with actual daily activity. The results will aid in future forecasting and scheduling, toward the goal of more consistent adherence.
  • Performance Analysis/Metrics – how do you know which agents are doing their part for schedule adherence and which may require additional guidance or training? WFM dashboards and real-time alerts provide the answers.
  • Real-Time Decisions – Quality assurance is impossible without reliable, real-time adherence and quality monitoring that incorporates alerts,dashboards and key performance indicators. Challenges are inevitable, but when they are quickly discovered theycan be corrected before they can become an issue. However, as Brad Cleveland describes, real-time management also relies on execution, once decisionsare made on what needsto be done. Without thiscomponent, service levels and response timesmay not be assufficient as necessary.Bottom line? Don’t panic. Be Calm. With the capabilities made possible by Workforce Optimization, you have the tools you need to keep your call center running at peak efficiency. Just make sure that managers, supervisors and agents are prepared to carry out any schedule adjustments in a way that does not disrupt service.
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